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New Years Eve Pajama Party

Are you ready for a night of elegant, sophisticated, elaborate, parties?

No? Us either!

We decided this New Years that we wanted to do something a little different. We wanted to offer a FREE event. And rather than spending hours doing our hair, makeup, outfits, and more — we figured we just wanted to stay in our comfy new Christmas PJs with some slippers and a blanket. The comfier the better!

Come out to Grainworks December 31st to party hard for New Years Eve wearing your favorite PJs (whichever ones they are!) Only rule for outfits we have is no shoes, no shirt or no pants means no service — public nudity is still illegal!

We’ll have DJ Will Benton here in the taproom starting at 8:30pm and playing until 12:30am and our friends at MamaBears Mac are going to be serving some delicious popcorn in addition to their menu to add to our night-in theme.

Then, at the end of the night once you’re finally back home, you’ll be able to just fall into bed — no routine necessary.

– Popcorn!
– Themed Cocktail
– Pillow Fort Picture Area
– Saturday Morning Cartoons & Movies
– DJ

***This is an adult-themed party, so kids are allowed but since it’s a New Years Eve party use your own discretion.***