Our History:

At Grainworks Brewing, our journey is a blend of adventures to savor and learn, weekends tinkering away in the garage, plenty of lively neighborhood gatherings, and an insatiable curiosity that blossomed into a fervent passion for crafting exquisite beer. We proudly stand as the embodiment of this passionate journey.

Nestled on the very soil that once nourished Cincinnati’s most iconic breweries, Grainworks Brewing channels the rich tapestry of history into every drop we pour. Our beer is not just a beverage; it’s a heritage and a testament to the soul of brewing.

A stone’s throw away from Grainworks, the Hopewell Early Childhood School marks the spot where Brian and Anthony’s paths converged in Miss Gwyn’s kindergarten class. Despite being temporarily relegated to the hallway for an arm-wrestling match (the victor lost to memory), their friendship was forever sealed.

Beer would become the third member of this friendship some years later when Brian delved into home brewing. By the time Cincinnati’s downtown brewery scene began to flourish, he had honed his craft for nearly a decade. Simultaneously, Anthony’s IT career paved the way for him to pursue a business degree. It was clear that destiny had set its course. After years of meticulous planning and dedicated construction, Grainworks Brewing Company proudly unveiled its doors to the world on September 9th, 2017.

Raise a glass to friends and to the love of craft beer!