Covid-19 Response

What we are doing:

  • Reviewing with our staff all guidelines advised by the CDC, WHO, and State of Ohio health requirements on all standards pertaining to cleaning the facilities and personal hygiene
  • Separating parties by 6′ or more of physical space, including the bar area
  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning any high traffic “touch” areas; all bathrooms, door handles, bar top, table tops, and tap handles
  • Suspending the usage of reusable glassware – we will be utilizing plastic cups until further notice for all beverages. Please note that during this time, we will not be able to offer flights or 5oz pours
  • Employees will be increasing the frequency of hand washing after coming into contact with customers’ used cups and money
  • Eliminating reusable menus in the taproom
  • We’ve removed all board games and playing cards due to the inability to sanitize them properly and/or in a timely fashion between uses

What we ask you to do:

  • Per the Governor’s order 7/22/2020 – Please wear a mask inside while not seated drinking and eating
  • Take care of yourselves and check in on your loved ones, this isn’t easy on any of us
  • If you are feeling ill or someone in your home or social/work group is, please wait to visit until after everyone is well again. We’ll see you again after! Consider sending a friend to pick you up some Grainworks for Curbside Pickup in the meantime – we’ll bring it to you!
  • Please comply with our ground rules for reopening
  • Please throw away your cups and other trash when you are leaving
  • Consider grabbing a six-pack to go whether you hang with us or not
  • Please have patience with our bartenders as they will need to spend more time washing their hands and keeping the place clean
  • Tip the heck out of our bartenders if you’re able – you know they’re fantastic, let’s show them that for the next few months
  • Support other locally owned businesses

With the heightened awareness to not only Covid-19 but also the cold and flu, we will be following all policies and procedures set in place by state and local governments as they are presented.

We thank you for your ongoing support and trust. If there are any last minute changes to our operations we will get notice out as quickly as possible on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. If you have any questions, please ask our staff or email us at