We’re Hoppy to Answer Your Questions

What kind of beer do you brew?

Our beer list is always changing and growing. Check out our beer page for our current and upcoming offerings.

Do you serve food?

Yes! Mamabear’s has opened their kitchen inside Grainworks! They are open when we open everyday and close an hour before the taproom does! Check out the options here!

Are we allowed to bring our own food to the taproom?

Now that Mamabear’s is open, there is no more outside food allowed at Grainworks

Do you have anything going on in the taproom tonight?

Probably… Check our events page for more.

Do you have wine or cider or liquor?

To go along with our tasty beer, we do have Wine, Cider, and in-house curated Craft Cocktails! We are not a full bar, however.

Is it cool to bring in our own alcohol?

Short answer: No. Long answer: absolutely no outside alcohol is permitted. This is strictly prohibited by The State of Ohio. Our license to make wonderful beer would be revoked if outside alcohol of any kind is found at Grainworks, which would be a total bummer to Brian, as he’d have to go back to his IT job. Don’t make Brian go back to IT. We have tasty beer, wine, cider, soft drinks, and craft cocktails!

Do you allow dogs?

Yes, well-behaved dogs are allowed! Only on our patio & outdoor areas, they are not allowed in the taproom per the State of Ohio. We ask that they are leashed and stay with you, so as to not anger our insurance agent

Do you allow folks under 21 in the taproom?

Grainworks certainly welcomes families! We do ask that parents keep younger children nearby as we have a busy parking lot and not everything in the building is safe or appropriate for children

Do you host private parties and events?

Yes! Grainworks has already played host to many corporate events, fundraisers, birthday parties, anniversaries, marriage proposals, wedding receptions & rehearsal dinners, baby showers, fantasy sports drafts – you name it, we’ve done it. Interested in hosting your party at Grainworks? Fill out our request form!

Can Grainworks be part of my festival or event outside of the taproom?

Absolutely! Get in touch with us and let’s discuss your event and get it on the schedule.

What’s the parking situation?

Feel free to park anywhere that is marked in green in the pic below:

  • You can park between Grainworks and Four Corners Church (7740 Service Center) anywhere you see a MARKED space.
  • You can park on the south and west sides of the Four Corners Church (7740 Service Center)
  • You can park on the street on Service Center Drive
  • After 5pm on Fri, Sat, Sun – it is generally acceptable to park in the rest of the spots on the west or North sides of the 7740 building (Orange area)
  • We’ve never had trouble with anyone parking along the east side of our lot north of our building – to ensure we keep not having any trouble, please don’t block any driveways (Yellow area)

Please do not park in the red areas, otherwise you are at risk of being towed:

  • Please don’t block the Four Corners Dock (Red area #1)
  • Please don’t block the driveway to our Cornerstone Fitness neighbors – they may pick up your car and leave it upside down (Red area #2)
  • Don’t block the docks for the Furniture & Cabinet outlet to the north – trucks come in all the time (Red area #3)
  • Don’t park at PepsiCo/Frito Lay – they have employees parking there 24/7 (Red area #4)
  • Don’t park at Lansing/Sentri-Lock (7701 building) – they’re not very neighborly (Red areas marked #5)

Didn’t get your question answered?

Head over to our contact page to connect with us.