Delivery Driver – Early Morning (Part-Time)

Want to work in the beer industry? Grainworks Brewing Company is GROWING again!

Grainworks is currently hiring a PART-TIME (18-24 hours per week) Early Morning Delivery Driver to join our team and transport our delicious libations all over the region, as well as help with various production duties in the brewery. Come work with us and experience the joys of the craft beer industry.

Prior delivery / brewery experience will be valued, but not required.

SALARY: $20-24/hr, based on prior experience.


  • Merch and beer discounts.
  • Access to beer festivals and events.
  • Early access to new beer releases.
  • Be part of a great team that knows how to have fun.
  • You get paid to work out!
  • Paid, on-the-job training.


  • Must be available Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 5am-noon
  • Must have a clean driving record (no points).
  • Must be able to drive a panel van, and be comfortable backing up and maneuvering in tight conditions.
  • Must have a smartphone.
  • Must be able to drive, sit, stand, walk, reach with hands and arms, climb or balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, talk, and hear.
  • Must be able to frequently move sixth barrel kegs (60 pounds) and half barrel kegs (165 pounds) up and down stairs (using a dolly). (PAID WORKOUT!)
  • Must maintain a clean and professional appearance and represent Grainworks in a positive manner to all our customers.
  • Must be able to handle customer service well, be able to troubleshoot issues in the field, and do your best to resolve situations (with some help/input from the sales reps/management if needed).
  • Delivery area includes the greater Cincinnati and Dayton region (within Ohio only).


Please EMAIL us your Resume or Employment History, and a little about yourself.

In your email, you MUST answer the following questions:

  1. What is your Name?
  2. What date are you available to start?
  3. Do you have a clean driving record (no points)?
  4. Are you able to drive pulling a small trailer and are you comfortable backing up and maneuvering in tight conditions? (NOT REQUIRED but good to have, as we have a pour trailer for festivals.)
  5. Primarily speaking, you will be moving around cases of beer (typically 20-30lbs apiece) on a dolly and lift them one by one into and out of our van/truck. Are you able to do this?
  6. Some accounts have draft systems that accommodate the skinny sixtel kegs. They are 60 pounds. Are you able to move 60-pound kegs using a dolly?
  7. Are you able to lift 60-pound kegs in a pickup truck or van?
  8. If we need you to make a special delivery of a half barrel (full size) keg, are you able to move 170-pound kegs using a dolly? (No high lifting of kegs required, but lowering of kegs out of van/pickup may be – this is rare and is not disqualification)
  9. Applicants must be able to drive, sit, stand, walk, reach with hands and arms, climb or balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, talk, and hear. Do you qualify?
  10. Are you available to work during the hours of 5am-noon, on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday?  (We don’t usually work over 8 hours in a single day, but sometimes we do get busy on certain days, and there will be flex-time or overtime.)
  11. Are you interested in production work to bolster hours along with delivery? Includes washing the outsides of kegs, use of an automated keg washer to wash inside of kegs.
  12. Are you willing to drive and deliver everywhere from downtown Cincinnati to North of Dayton, including Cincinnati and Dayton city centers, suburban, and rural areas?
  13. How many years of experience as a delivery driver do you have?
  14. Why do you feel you are a good candidate for this job?
  15. Tell us something interesting about yourself.

Send your email to Management@Grainworks.Beer. Please answer all questions or we may choose not to respond.