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Currently available in the Cincinnati / Dayton area (not all cans available in all places):

Please ask for us by name when shopping at your favorite store!
(Retailers do pay attention to requests.)

Grainworks beer is available in cans at over 100 locations in the Cincinnati / Dayton area, as well as in our taproom.

Retailers where Grainworks is or has recently been available. This map results are based on recent deliveries. This does not guarantee that product is in stock. Call a retailer directly to confirm product availability, and request us by name if not currently available.


Seasonals and Limited Releases

These Grainworks beers have recently been available on draft, and may still be available in some locations in the Cincinnati / Dayton area:

  • BREWER’S BREAKFAST (8%) Imperial Oatmeal Stout w/Coffee & Chocolate
    (We love coffee. Our friends at Pneuma Coffee Roasters worked with our brewer to create a Guatemala/Sumatra blend to perfectly complement this bold imperial oatmeal stout. As it warms, the added cacao comes through to fold in a subtle, pleasant sweetness.)
  • DEFROSTER (6.8%) Winter Warmer
    (This luscious dark brew, subtly spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger, will help keep you warm on a cold winter’s night.)
  • IMPERIOUS (9%) Imperial IPA
    (With fruity citrus and rich pine hop aromas, balanced by a big, smooth malt backbone, let this shameless gem shine in your crown. It’s good to be the king.)
  • IT’S PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE TIME (7.4%) Peanut Butter Cup Stout
    (Where ya at? This luscious milk stout is made with real peanuts and cocoa, to bring home the magic of everyone’s favorite combo. It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time! There ya go!)
  • LUKE, I AM YOUR LAGER (5.7%) Schwarzbier (Black Lager)
    (Black as space, but surprisingly light on the palate. Clean and smooth, with a touch of chocolate. Give in to the dark side.)
  • OLD GHOSTS (6.8%) Milk Stout w/Hazelnut, Chocolate, & Caramel
    (Conceived and originally brewed with the lads from Lough Gill Brewing in Sligo, Ireland, this dessert stout is bursting with chocolate and hazelnut, with a hint of caramel.)
  • OLD MOTOR OIL (9.3%) Russian Imperial Stout
    (This rich stout is a showcase of the dark chocolate, espresso, nutty, and caramel character that dark malts can provide. Thick, roasty, and potent, yet well balanced – it’s everything you want in a stout and more.)
  • SCOTTISH M.I.S.T.S. (6.5%) Scottish Export Ale
    (Inspired by a backyard version of the Highland Games, this Scottish ale is the perfect compliment to Men In Skirts Throwing Sh*t (MISTS). The rich, malty goodness of Vienna and double roasted caramel malts will make you think you’ve gone to the Highlands.)
  • THUNDERBIRD (5.1%) American Red Ale
    (Light caramel on top of malty, biscuity goodness, with a touch of rye notes, in an easy-drinking, colorful package.)
  • TRIPEL (8.5%) Belgian Tripel
    (This golden Belgian treat is a marriage of light citrus fruit with a touch of peppery spice, supported by a floral aroma and soft, sweet malt backbone, as well as a pleasant honey after note.)


These Grainworks beers are currently available on draft at local restaurants and bars in the Cincinnati / Dayton area, as well as in our taproom (not all varieties available in all places):

  • HELLES REAL (4.666%) Munich-style Helles Lager
    (Brewed for FC Cincinnati supporters, this German lager has a rich, bready malt character balanced by a mild noble hops bite, with a pleasant, refreshing finish.)
  • MY BLUE HEAVEN (5.3%) Blueberry Ale
    (Malty backbone and just enough blueberry to be very refreshing – not your typical fruit beer.)
  • BLACK & BLUE (6.1%) Blueberry Stout
    (A delightful combination of Blueberry Ale and Oatmeal Stout.)
  • OATMEAL STOUT (6.9%)
    (Dark chocolate and coffee flavors wrapped up in a smooth, easy drinking package.)
  • PICKET FENCE (5.2%) Belgian White Ale
    (Great summer sipper: orange explodes on your taste buds, with hints of coriander & chamomile.)
  • REBEL YELL (5.7%) Pale Ale
    (Made with pilsner malt and solo hopped with Mosaic this light pale ale is refreshing, finishes dry on the palate, it is destined to make you want Mo Mo Mo!)
    (Loaded with hops that give mango, pineapple, and tropical fruit flavor and aroma with a big, juicy finish – no actual fruit added.)
  • RUSTY BUMPER (5.7%) American Brown Ale
    (Smooth drinking toasty, bready, rich Amercian-style brown ale with hints of toffee, caramel, chocolate, and a touch of dark roast.)
  • SUNRISE (7.0%) (Balanced) IPA
    (Late additions and dry hop charges of Centennial, Amarillo, and Simcoe provide a citrus/piney profile balanced by malt.)

Coming Soon!

These Grainworks beers are coming soon to local restaurants and bars in the Cincinnati / Dayton area, as well as in our taproom (not all varieties available in all places):

  • CINCINNATI LIARS LAGER (6.8%) Weizenbock02/23/2021
    (Brewed in honor of those who operated the Voice of America, stood up to fascism and tyranny, and spread the truth. Hitler called them the “Cincinnati Liars.” A strong, malty, fruity, wheat-based Bock lager combining the best malt and yeast flavors of a Weissbier with the malty-rich flavor, strength, and body of a Dunkles Bock.)

If you are looking for a specific location in your vicinity, please email and provide us with a zip code, and we will let you know which bars and restaurants near you should currently have our product.

Please ask for us by name when dining out!
(Restaurants and bars do pay attention to requests.)

If you interested in carrying Grainworks at your bar / restaurant / shop, please email and a sales associate in your area will get back to you as soon as possible.