Blue Skies Hero Brew (Amber Ale)


Amber Ale (5.0% ABV)
Crisp with light caramel notes, this American Amber is brewed as a patriotic partnership with the Blue Skies for the Good Guys And Gals Warrior Foundation.  A portion of the proceeds supports the Blue Skies mission.

NOTE: These are sold in six packs or full sets (i.e. 36 cans, 6 full six-packs). There are 6 different six packs with 33 Heroes and 3 Blue Skies cans total. If you want a can of a specific Hero/Heroes in your six-pack(s), please let us know in the notes section at checkout. Unfortunately, we cannot fulfill requests for multiple cans of the same Hero in a single six-pack.

Reach out to Brian @ 513-348-8069 if you have any questions.

Honoring Combat Wounded Warriors
Sgt Steve Thompson, SP4 John Looker, 1st LT Daniel Sack, Cpl Mike Strahle, CWO-4 Hershel “Woody” Williams, Cpl Nick Siewert, Cpl Mike Tabor, Sgt Daniel Erlandson, SFC David Wallace, Sgt Spencer Davis, Maj Tim O’Sullivan, SPC Dan Guerin, GySgt Samuel Deeds
Honoring Fallen Team Fastrax
Ron Condrey, Larry Lemaster, Christian Stevens, Nathan Moore
Honoring Fallen Warriors
SPC Russell Madden, PFC Tim Hines Jr, CPT George “Jordy” Alsfelder, Sgt Daniel McCall, Sgt David Luff, Cpl Dyke “AJ” Coursen, SPC Donald “Scott” Morrison, Cpl Christopher “Tyler” Warndorf, SPC Brent “Hoss” Hendrix, Cpl Paul “Rocky” Zanowick II, LCpl Taylor Prazynski, CSM Bennie Adkins, CW3 James Groves, SSG Wesley Williams, SSgt Mark Anthony “Wojo” Wojciechowski, SSG Sonny Zimmerman